Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final blog entry 

March 3-4, 2013

We spent our last day at Lighthouse Beach on the southern tip of Eleuthera.  We ran into our new buddy Martha (we are now on a first name basis with Martha Stewart) again.  She recognized us and mentioned how we only meet in the best places.  The weather continued to challenge us and not much swimming took place, except for the intrepid Mr. West.  
The group poses for a final shot with our leaders, Sarah (bottom right) and Whitney (bottom left)

Returning to campus for a final “deep cleaning” of the dorm followed by dinner and an all-encompassing dish crew/dance party.
We had a final wrap up with non roasted s'mores and a chance for all the share their experiences and reflect on what they had learned.
We left early in the morning on the 4th. 

Some possibly regretted staying up all night as they waited in the airport.
Sam wonders if maybe he shouldn't have tried to get some sleep the night before while he waits for his  plane in Nassau
It was a muddah sick trip! (thanks Whitney for teaching us Bahamian!)

From all the trip participants:
Sydney “Bedrock” Beldock
Blake “the Entertainer” Polizzi
Amelia “Tour Guide” Patsalos-Fox
Grace “Cockroach Wrangley” Fowler
Hanna “Cowboy Derrick” Derig
Elle “dancin’ ting 1” Mattsson
Hannah “dancin’ ting 2” Honan
Lexi “marks the spot” Merison
Reilly “super trooper” Kennedy
Allie “shark Bait” Malecka
Maisie “DJ” Noesen
James “fireman” Funderburg
Austin “card shark” Brandt
Jackson “the Explorer” Borwick
Peter “The Rooster” Hoover
Sam “Moonrise over Exuma Sound” Lewis
Amanda “Snorgan” Morgan
John “Swims with Dolphins” West

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 1st and 2nd (part II)

Jackson made a new friend
How many guys does it take to attach one tarp?  Apparently more than four.

We had dinner with Martha Stewart at Governor's Harbor.
Dancing in the streets at the Fish Fry In Governor's Harbor
At the end of a long couple of days we celebrated John West's 31st birthday!  The hightlight of his day was swimming with a dolphin at the Club Med beach.  Our leader Sarah cuts the cake.

March 1st and 2nd (part I)

the group poses by an enormous  Banyan tree
Austin  and Grace show their feelings about a giant centipede Mr. West found
Jackson following directions about not going higher than his waist up the Banyan tree

The group heads into the mile long entrance to Hatchet Bay cave
Jackson and James explore at the Glass Window bridge

Modeling at the Glass Window Bridge which is a narrow separation of Exuma Sound and the Atlantic Ocean

at the Glass Window Bridge with Exuma Sound in the background

Blake holds her own coffehouse at the beach
Fireman Fundy got a good fire going

Camping at Club Med
Yes it does get cold and rainy in the Bahamas

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Feb 28

Today we spent most of the day seining (sp?) for fish at Plum Creek.  A bit too much sun for most of us.  Sunburn photos may be following tomorrow.

 Today we ate lunch standing in 3 feet of water at Plum Creek

 We chased the fish down the creek into the net.

rounding up the net to catch the fish
Hannah and Mr. West check out the fish we are catching.

Allie checks out the teeth on a hound fish.

Hanna and Hannah help Sam and James roll up the net

Hannah and Hanna want to jump off the dock at the end of the day to get cleaned off.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday 2/27

The group is anxiously waiting for Breakfast

Peter gets ready to go snorkeling on Forth Hole Patch Reef

Hannah and Lexi struggle out of the water after a snorkel

Grace is an expert at snorkeling!

Hannah gets the cut on her foot cleaned 

Daily update: Three different snorkeling trips throughout the day. Lots of sun, too much in some cases.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 2/26

The group is just finding out that all of our luggage is still in Nassau and we aren't.

Lexi and Maisie picking up some rays on the boat ride to the Sandbar where we snorkled and learned about ooids.

Maisie, Amelia and Ali enjoying breakfast
Mr. West getting on our final flight of the day on Monday
Reilly and Jackson take in the views on the way to the sandbar
This evening we also enjoyed a program by Krystal Ambrose on the  great pacific garbage patch and the problems of plastic pollution all around the world in the oceans.

Baggage Update

Bags just arrived, one would think we just won the Super Bowl given the cheers of joy.